Kuwait - iNaturalist World Tour

We're in Kuwait for the 136th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. 90% of the observations from Kuwait were added by @mohammadm who is the top observer by a long shot. Other top observers include @dbmcc09, @yasminam, @farah, @q8dragon, @habul, @yousef1, @rattubhutan, @nalessa, and @brane.

The number of observations per month ramped up in 2019, presumably when @mohammadm became involved..

The top identifiers are @firos_ak, @sammyboy2059, @peterslingsby, @cliygh-and-mia, and @anilamanalil.

What can we do to get more people in Kuwait using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below.

@mohammadm @dbmcc09 @yasminam @farah @q8dragon @firos_ak @sammyboy2059 @peterslingsby @cliygh-and-mia @anilamanalil

We’ll be back tomorrow in East Timor!

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Try to involve boy scouts! Worldwide they have special 5 level signs for bidrwatchers.
Maybe we can create a 5 level sign for "Naturalists".
I will do this in Brazil in the futere, but if an international group is created I can participate.

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