15 de septiembre de 2021

Lecture Assignment 03-Observe and Record

13th & 14th September, 2021
Deary, Idaho

On the 13th and 14th of September I visited a prairie field in Deary, Idaho that had a small aspen covered area. I went out on both days at ~7:00pm when it was just starting to get dark. I wasn't able to find too much insect activity on the 13th, so I decided to go back out the next day. The habitats where I found the insects were full of prairie grasses, trembling aspens, snowberry plants, and small ponderosa pine trees. I also observed some sunburst lichen on one of the larger aspens. Additionally, a few of the trees had fallen and begun to decay, adding more decomposed material to the floor of the little aspen grove.

*A darkling beetle was found and collected from a pile of firewood outside a large ring of aspen trees surrounded by prairie grasses.

*A flatbug insect from the genus aradus was found and collected from under the bark of a fallen/decaying aspen tree.

*I also observed many grass spiders and black ants crawling underneath decaying aspen bark and in prairie grass, but they were too quick for me to catch and photograph.

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27 de agosto de 2021

Bugged with a Question

One question that popped into my head a while back about insects is specifically focused on honeybees and their uncanny ability to find their way back home after travelling miles to find a good spot to collect pollen. This inquiry came to my mind when I was watching my brother tend to his hobby honeybee hive. I remember seeing all the worker bees busily returning to the bee box from all sorts of different directions, and that was what sparked the question about how honeybees have such a strong navigational aptitude. I’m not really sure how a creature so small is able to remember and pilot their way through various different terrains without getting lost while I can’t seem to ever remember where I parked my car in the Walmart parking lot. They’re pretty amazing!

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