It was the Crab Spider

For weeks I have been pondering about what to do and I think a lot of us have right now. Concerned, stressed, worried about what's happening next.
There are those that are fortunate to still have a steady income through all this COVID-19 situation, as those self-employed like me income has dropped dramatically and that creates a hardship.
So what are you going to do? You are going to stay strong, move forward, and make things happen.
The place where I feel at peace, relaxed, and sort out life directions is in nature, and 99% percent of the time I get the answers that I need.
My husband and I strongly agree that if you stand amongst the trees a sense of wisdom will come upon you. It may not happen for many people. It's hard to explain and it takes a long time to build that inner connection.
A couple of days ago, I stood in a section of longleaf pines and closed my eyes. What came to me was that everything was going to be okay. To just follow your path and things will work out. I told my husband about this and we both had tears fill our eyes.
Yesterday on my photographic adventure I happen to catch a glimpse of a crab spider on a flower. I observed that spider, asking what they heck is it doing, why is it doing that.
This spider created a canopy using the petals of a Tickseed. It attached its spider silk to one petal and then pull it to connect to another petal to create a cover. Now, it's out of the sun in a petal canopy awaiting for a butterfly or bee to gather nectar. How fricken smart is that!
While being totally astonished by this, I was thinking about how many people don't know this? How many people actually seen this happen? I need to show people this, tell people about this.
The final decision to move forward with my Florida Nature magazine was made by an arthropod, the crab spider.
I know I am not an award-winning writer or have a degree in journalism or biology, it is my passion for nature, my creative ideas, and the drive to learn more.
I am currently working on the Introduction Issue to be published online in August 2020.

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