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15 de mayo de 2020

A few backyard birds

From the deck at 9 Sebring Road. There seem to be a lot of birds moving today. Yellow Warbler was new for the yard this spring, but the White-crowned Sparrows have been around for about 8 days. The House Wren finally decided which box to use.
Habitat - Suburban lawn north of the UVM Horticultural Farm. Mostly lawn, garden, and a few shade trees.
62 deg F, calm, 100% cloud cover, low ceiling

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An iNaturalist demo

I recorded a couple of bird songs from my backyard to put together a little demo for WFB 131. These were in suburban South Burlington, an area with scattered trees, shurbs, gardens, and lawn. The time was 1220 and I recorded for about 5 minutes. It is 65 degrees F, 100% cloud cover with a low ceiling, light southwest wind.

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