Limacia mcdonaldi now active on iNat

Limacia split now complete on iNat, yay. Limacia mcdonaldi was finally accepted on WoRMS, so congratulations to all involved, especially Gary.

Homework time for a rainy day: If you feel motivated, please go through your old Limacia observations and re-identify each one. Simplistically:
L. cockerelli - bald spot
L. mcdonaldi - snazzy racing stripe of orange dots


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Folks, in attempt to save everyone some time re-identifying things I think I may have done more harm than good by removing and re-adding some of the automatic IDs from this split (obs from the Pacific NW should get updated correctly when I'm done, but it's just going to re-add the genus-level IDs for most of the affected obs). Mea culpa. You might want to hold off on reviewing all the existing observations until tomorrow.

Anotado por kueda hace más de un año (Advertencia)

Actually I think I've finished my disruption. ID away!

Anotado por kueda hace más de un año (Advertencia)

I've updated my two obs. Thanks for the head's up Robin.

Anotado por finatic hace más de un año (Advertencia)

Thank you everyone, have great day!!

Anotado por mazer hace más de un año (Advertencia)

I am SO IMPRESSED with the speed with which you all jumped in an manually re-ID'd over a thousand observations. Nicely done everyone!

Anotado por anudibranchmom hace más de un año (Advertencia)

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