E. Pacific Nudibranch News: Six Deepwater Nudibranchs added to iNat (and CA Nudibranchs Guide)

Happy Holidays! Based on WoRMS (referencing Angel's 2018 paper https://biotaxa.org/Zootaxa/article/view/zootaxa.4526.4.1), I have added six new deepwater nudibranchs to iNat, four of which also were added to the CA Sea Slugs Guide. We can only hope that one will wash ashore someday - or perhaps an MBARI researcher will share a few photos!

They are:

- Aeolidia libitinaria (Undertaker Nudibranch, found under whale bones)
- Ziminella vrijenhoeki (Vrijenhoeki's Nudibranch - also under whale bones)
- Tritonia nigritigris (Black Tiger Nudibranch)
- Zeusia herculea (fanciful but no common name yet - I'm guessing this is a big one?)
- Cuthona methana (Named re methane seeps, but no common name yet) - OREGON
- Dendronotus claguei (Clague's Nudibranch) - MEXICO, south of the Gulf of CA

Here's a quick read about them from MBARI, with photos and a cool video.
@kueda will perhaps note some wordier similarities in the opening paragraph of the article with his own intro to the CA Sea Slugs Guide... ;-)

PS. We now have 180 sea slugs in the CA Guide!

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I heard about this yesterday! Maybe @wyattp11 or @underwaterpat have some connections?

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And many thanks to @marisa_a for pointing out this paper!

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