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02 de mayo de 2020

Field Journal #8 (May 1st)

I conducted my bird walk on April 28th around my home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey and at the Great Piece Meadows wildlife preserve in Montville, New Jersey. I started my bird walk at 2:30 pm, and it lasted until 5:00 pm. It was sunny with no clouds in the sky. The temperature outside was warm, about 60-70 degrees, with light wind to the east. There were two locations I walked through. One was a wooded wetland area with an acre pond in my backyard. The other was a suburban street lined with houses on both sides with a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees on the lawns. And the third was the wildlife preserve which had deciduous trees lining a dirt path road. The preserve in the wooded parts lining the path was swampy with lots of vegetation and thickets.

List of Birds Seen:

  • 4 Turkey Vultures
  • 2 Blue Jay
  • 2 Northern Cardinals
  • 2 European Starlings
  • 4 American Robins
  • 1 Great Blue Heron

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