21 de noviembre de 2020

Spiny Goldenweed (Xanthisma spinulosum)

The species I am observing is a flower. I notice that this flower resembles a sunflower. The petals resemble a sunflowers petals but this plant is much smaller and has less petals. Also the middle of this flower is yellow and fluffy. The middle of the plant reminds me of fluffed up cotton. I notice the branch is green and it has what seems to be white webs. I notice the leaves are a bit spikey and they don't look like normal leaves on a flower, they are stiff. I wonder if this plant can be found anywhere else in the world. The picture was taken on November 8, 2020 at 11:45 AM. The location is Grant Tucson, AZ.

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14 de noviembre de 2020

Mexican Marigold (Tagetes erecta)

The species I am observing is a flower. I notice this flower has big fluffy orange petals. The petals looks a bit ruffled. I notice that the petals form a round surface. The color of the petals are very eye-catching because of the unique bright color of orange. I notice there are 5 of the same flower, each one is the same shade of orange and each has flowy petals. I wonder how this flower helps then environment around it. I notice its surroundings are all green aside from the separate purple grayish plant next to it. I wonder if bee's can feed off this flower. I wonder why this flower smells so unique. It reminds me of a Vermilion Flycatcher because they both have a beautiful shade of orange. They both remind me of a sunsets. This picture was taken on Nov 11, 2020 at 11:29 AM from Reception Garden.

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07 de noviembre de 2020

Desert Bluebells (Phacelia campanularia)

The species i am observing is a flower. I notice this flower only consists of 4 petals. The color of the petals are a light lavender or blue, i notice that at the end of the petals the light lavender/blue starts to fade into a tinted white. The anthers on the flower are white and the filaments on the flower are the same light lavender/blue. I notice that it's branch looks a bit pokey, it has white fluff on it. The flower next to it that hasn't bloomed is a light purple and lavender. I wonder if this flower blooms during spring? I notice that the leaves surrounding this flower are shaped a bit like Christmas season leaves, they are green and red. I notice the branch of the flower is light red almost pink. I wonder why the leaves are red and green? I wonder why the branch has small white pokeys on it? This flower reminds me of a beautiful painting of the night sky. This picture was taken on 3:32 PM on 11/6/2020

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30 de octubre de 2020

Sonoran Spiny-tailed Iguana (Ctenosaura macrolopha)

Description: The species I'm observing is a reptile. I notice that it has black dots on it's body and front hand/legs. I notice the colors of it's skin is mostly brown shades which can help blend in with its environment. It also has dark brown stripes on the top of it's body. I notice that around its eye it's a tan color and its eye itself is brown. I wonder why its climbing in the tree. It has 4 legs/hands and 2 eyes. I notice that it's tail is long and it has spikes on it. The shape of the head is rounded like a snakes head. I wonder what it eats. I wonder why there are black dots on it's skin. This reptile reminds me of soil because of the brown colors it has on its skin. The picture of the animal was taken at 2:12 PM.

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15 de octubre de 2020

Fragrant Evening Primrose (Oenothera cespitosa)

Description: The species I'm observing/describing is a flower. I notice there aren't many petals on this flower- it only consists of 4 petals and the petals have a very loose structure. I notice the petals are almost translucent. The color of the petals are light pink. The colors of the Anthers are light yellow with very little spots of dark yellow. I notice the very middle of the plant is light green and the color of the filaments are even lighter than the middle of plant. I notice there is another plant next to it- it looks to be the same species, just a shade darker, I wonder if it's the same exact species. There is also a purple blur on the bottom left corner of the picture, I wonder if it is another flower. I notice most of the surroundings are green. I wonder what season the flower is most likely to bloom. This flower reminds me of a soft light smoothie on a summer day because of the light colors and the environment surrounding the flower, it seems peaceful. The picture was taken on October 9th, 2020 at 11:15 AM.

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02 de octubre de 2020

Observing Vermilion Flycatcher Pyrocephalus rubinus)

Description: The animal I'm describing is a bird. I notice it's stomach is round and it's body color is orange and a shade of darker orange. The head of the bird is an even darker orange shade than the body. I notice around the eyes and beak there's a sidelong black line. At the back of the birds head it becomes almost completely black. The beak itself is white and black. At the end tail under longer black and white feathers there's a very light orange shade of feathers . On the upper feathers there are only black and white feathers. The claws on the bird are black, skinny and it has sharp nails. I wonder what season it is. I notice its sitting on a tree and surrounded by green. I wonder if it's waiting for something. There's only 1 bird sitting on a branch. It has 3 claws, 2 feathers and 2 eyes. The picture was taken on September 29, 2020 at 7:26 AM. This bird reminds me of the sunset because of the orange colors on the bird.

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24 de septiembre de 2020

Observing Asters and Allies

Description: The color of the petals on this flower is a light lavender with a mixture of white. The shape of the petals resembles a lanceolate shape- long, and not to thick. In the middle of the plant there's a circle shape and a mixture of orange and yellow, on the outside of the circle orange is surrounding the yellow.

I noticed that there is about 7 little purple flowers that haven't bloomed yet surrounding the same flower that has already bloomed. I also notice that the flowers are surrounded by green leaves and they are in dark brown soil/dirt. I wonder what the weather is and why only one flower has bloomed. I notice that there is a bug on the middle of the flower- it looks like a bee. I wonder what kind of bug is on the flower. This reminds me of when I was taking a walk on a mountain with my family and I saw a single white flower surrounded by green leaves.

Location of the plant: Riviere-des-Prairies—Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal, QC, Canada
Date when the picture of the plant was taken: September 23, 2020 · 3:16 PM EDT

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