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01 de septiembre de 2014

Cape Mondego

I've been wanting to explore the Cape Mondego Natural Monument for some time. Yesterday was finally the day.
This coastal protected area in the county of Figueira da Foz was created more to protect geological features than fauna or flora, but these Jurassic rock cliffs, with alternating greyish marl and limestone layers filled with fossils (like ammonoids or belemnoids, or even dinossaur footprints), still provide a substrate to an interesting assemblage of animals and plants.
Although quite a few introduced plants, like Carpobrotus edulis, Agave americana, Jacobaea maritima (syn. Senecio cineraria) or Cortaderia selloana, can be found in the area, most of the local flora is native, with Rock samphire, Crithmum maritimum, being particularly abundant. Other interesting plants can also be found, including Armeria welwitschii, a Portuguese endemic sea thrift.
The terrestrial fauna is not very exuberant. I only found two species of snails, and a few common birds, the most interesting of which was to me Arenaria interpres, a typical bird in coastal cliffs, though not unusual elsewhere. Although I wasn't exactly on the lookout for them, I found three species of insects, but I didn't get a clear view of one of them (a dragonfly).
I believe the marine life in the submerged part of these cliffs should be interesting, but the tide didn't allow me to explore it properly, so I only found a few common species. I really have to go back during the low tide.

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