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I have previously been identifying black Dendrodoris from NZ as D. arborescens due to the marginal red line on the mantle.

Black Dendrodoris have not been genetically studied in NZ so to give them a name we have to refer to Australian literature. In Australian this species exhibits colour polymorphism (i.e., fully black, white speckles, sub-marginal, marginal red lines) I believe this variation also occurs in NZ. Thus meaning that a marginal red line is not a suitable difference between the two species.

Dendrodoris nigra has been a well established name to the NZ species for a very long time and to use the name D. arborescens on iNaturalist could cause taxonomic instability. So to avoid further confusion I am going to revert all my IDs of black Dendrodoris to D. nigra. Sorry for any confusion this has caused.

A HUGE thanks to Dr Richard Willan for providing me with taxonomic advice in NZ sea slugs.


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Hi Zach,

Thank you for the update. I thought they were D. arborescens after compared with foreign D. nigra but it is very understandable that using different names with no clear source would cause confusion. I will also revert my IDs
Please don't be sorry about this as Inaturalist's primary purpose is to be a place for naturalists and biologist to share observations, knowledges and opinions and so mistakes or change of IDs are perfectly fine. I know some scientists are very frustrated by Inaturalist's wrong identification to be exported to other databases but I think those databases already know that Inaturalist identifications can be untrustworthy and it is not something we should concern about (Although it is the best to stay accurate, of course).

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