Why I don't like this website

In addition to my journal post below exploring the ethics of using this website...
All it takes is one person to reveal a trail, road or area, and then it attracts more and more until the trail gets over run by hikers and observers. New trails eventually stem off of that trail, bicycle trails, dirt bikes, etc, etc, one thing leads to another and before you know it, we are living in a city.

You think I am exaggerating? Try living in the same area your whole life and watch it happen. I've experienced a good chunk of this process. Then future generations don't even know how nice it was because everyone is accustomed to this degraded state and new normal. Despite all the great things that come with keeping track of nature on this website, this kind of stuff also adds up over time and has negative consequences. Then I wonder what good is keeping track of biodiversity and invasive species if you are just inviting more people into an area to trample and potentially destroy it both directly with walking, accidental and intentional littering and moving there and indirectly with car miles driven and CO2 emissions. Then you get governmental agencies looking to this website to see what the attractions are so they can plan more sidewalks, parking lots, bathrooms, infrastructure, etc.
Do the pros outweigh the cons? I used to think that they slightly did, but over the past several years I think the cons in all this stuff are outweighing the pros.

Yes you can't stop change, but you also have to be wake up, be observant and acknowledge the downward direction human society is taking us in overall across the board. A lot more needs to be done to bring about ethics and cultural change to catch up with this technology, the greed, the selfishness, the ignorance, the lack of communication and the divisions going on in the world.

Be smart about technology and consider others, other life, and indirect consequences of your actions in all things.

This set of observations is from one person on one day. This person isn't the only one that has marked observations along this trail but it is a good example of what can happen, does happen and is happening. How many of you use INaturalist to find places to go or find out where and why so many others are going to specific places? I know I do. That was the main reason I originally signed up to this website. I've never really needed people to tell me where trails are. My sense of adventure is greater than that. However, I must keep track of why my area is degrading so much and what is going on around me. Among many negative things technology is doing, it is killing peoples sense of adventure, spirit, strength, intelligence and boldness. But that's another topic that would need to be explored separately with references and supporting statements.

If embedded image doesn't work here is link. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/843498711116021760/871055819976872016/unknown.png

For those who disagree with me, hopefully you never have to experience what I have to come to my perspective and understanding. Or maybe you should so learn and put a stop to it. The sad thing is, no one really cares or takes action until they personally experience something and when it comes to nature, the climate, or personal health problems, by the time they experience it, it's too late.

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