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31 de enero de 2021

2020 Observation Map

Like everything else, my big plans for botanizing trips in 2020 got sidelined by COVID. Early in the year I went to the farm and stopped a few places along the way. And there were a few suburban Metra trips in January and February. But mostly I stayed close to home and explored the North Branch and the lakeshore.

So, my annual observations map isn't much to look at, but as soon as I feel comfortable taking public transit I have a long list of Metra/Amtrak + bike trips planned.

The big cluster in Louisa County, IA is obscured obs from my family's farm. Lots of interesting stuff growing in the pasture and in the corners of fields.

Favorite trips:
1) Somme Prairie Nature Preserve (Cook County)
2) Loud Thunder Forest Preserve (Rock Island County)
3) Sterne's Woods and Fen (McHenry County) - short walk from the Crystal Lake Metra stop

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