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24 de septiembre de 2021

A Sight of Megabats

September 24, 2021.
I was at Parramatta Park with my family when I noticed an unusual but pretty sight. A very large abundance of megabats hanging off multiple trees, I first saw them as we drove through the one-way road across the park. I've seen the same species many times, typically at night when bats are active, but never in such great abundance and in the daylight.

While my parents prepared the barbeque, I took some time to simply just look at the bats in absolute awe. Although some might be intimidated or frightened in close proximity to such large animals, I didn't feel such, though that might be because of my prior knowledge of flying fox bats being herbivores. To me, these bats are both cool to look at and also really adorable.

Really awesome, but another awesome sight when night came in the evening. Looking up at the dark sky, I saw this brilliant sight of bats. Bats and more bats flying overhead, leaving the trees and going out to their regular nightly activities. Unfortunately due to the nature of smartphone cameras, I was unable to photograph or video the sight of the flying-foxes leaving the park. It was really beautiful.

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