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26 de febrero de 2016

The Brain Scoop Does Millipedes

Super cool series. You should definitely check out there other videos!

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01 de febrero de 2016

This Weekend Was So Wonderfully Green

And, you know, with many interesting organisms among the green. Point of interest: the Nexus 5X takes fine panoramas, but the interface is a bit horrible, like using a point-and-shoot in 2007 or something. Dear Google (or LG), the panorama has been solved. Go try an iPhone. Or a Motorola.

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20 de febrero de 2016

slime molds this weekend?

Someone from KQED just contacted me about finding some slime molds to film in the Bay Area this weekend. Anyone out there know of good spots / want to lead them around? @ang, @damontighe, @moonlittrails, looking in your direction...

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