Themeda trianda

  • Culm (ariel stem) - erect
  • Ligule membranous and sometimes minutely fringed
  • Inflorescence a panicle (branched raceme) of short racemes in clusters, each raceme subtended by a leafy bract or spathe; racemes of an involucre of 4 sessile or shortly pedicellate, male or sterile spikelets with a terminal triplet of a bisexual, sessile spikelet and a pair of shortly pedicellate male or sterile spikelets
  • Spikelets subtended by spathe-like bract
  • Cluster of 7 racemose spikelets on peduncle, each raceme c. 1.5–2.2 cm long (excluding awn)
  • Cluster of 7, lower 4 male or sterile and a triad of 2 male surrounding a female, female spikelet with purplish bristle.
  • Involucral spikelets usually male, 9–13 mm long; fertile spikelet slightly shorter than those of involucre, male spikelet hangs lower to release more pollen into wind
  • Clusters of 7-flowered spikelets,
  • Fertile spikelet with hardened glumes, callus-like pedicel elongate, with silky brown hairs,
  • Fertile floret inconspicuous, its lemma continuous with base of stout, purplish twice-bent awn

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