Myathropa of the World

So a tangent to a conversation on this observation inspired me to do the following! Why not?

The species covered are Myathropa florea, M semenovi and M usta. There is also a note on 'Myathropa' flavovillosa which is also known as Eristalis or Mallota flavovillosa.

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@christian_heintzen so this happened. Info on Myathropa.

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Brilliant, and what a relief that it's such a short key. Getting sidetracked is not always a bad thing! One tends to learn a lot :-). Thanks for this.

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Yes, it's nice to have a small genus! The only shame is it doesn't really enable separation of usta from florea if it were to turn up on e.g. Tenerife by boat or something. I couldn't track down the synonymous description of M mallotiformis Frey 1939, but the original description of Eristalis ustus is absurdly sparse:

E. piceus, fusco-hirtus; abdominis basi fulvo interrupte fasciata; antennis pedibusque nigris; tibiis basi fulvis ; alis cinereis. —
Long. corp. 7, alar. 14 lin.

Which I reckon means "E picea (all the descriptions start with the name of another species - not sure why - it's nothing like E picea!), brown-haired; abdomen at base with interrupted yellow band; antennae and feet black; tibiae yellow at base; wing grey."

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Looks like a research trip to Madeira is warranted ;-)

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