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martes, 05 de octubre de 2021

Stats on identifications

This URL gives a neat display of how long you've been a member of iNat and how many ids you've done.
It was in the Forum on 5/10/2021, under #IdentiFriday is the happiest day of the week

This give a long series of URLs to search

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viernes, 08 de octubre de 2021

Separating species

Bidens alba and Bidens pilosa

Key to identification
(from Weakley 2020 and Ballard 1986)
Bidens alba: Ray florets 5-8, the ligule 3-18 mm long; cypselas 0-2-awned, the awns 1-2 mm long; outer phyllaries (8-) 12 (-16)
Bidens pilosa: Ray florets absent (or if a few present, the ligule is only 2-3 mm long); cypselas 3 (-5)-awned, the awns 1-3 mm long; outer phyllaries 7-10

Passiflora pallida and suberosa

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