FJ5: Winter Arrivals

Fairfax woods
4:00pm - 6:30pm
Cloudy Mid thirties
There wasn't too much going on at first, some noticeable Black-capped Chickadees far off and other calls I couldn't Identify. High up in a seemingly heathy tree I saw a what I thought was a Brown creeper by its movement and the shape of its bill. Two crows flew overhead and soon after that a Turkey Vulture, I identified this by the large body and slotted wings along with a seemingly featherless head. I could hear Canada Geese flying above head a couple times, but I could not get the best count.
I have interacted a lot with geese along the shores of Burton Island in the summer. They breed in there summering locations, assumably because it is easier to find food and safer for young. Now that the temperature is rising, seasons are shifting, and food is becoming more plentiful, the Canada Goose is on its way back to the northern habitats they occupy.

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