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22 de febrero de 2022

FJ2: Field Observation: ID and Flight Physiology

Rock Point Burlington, VT 02/21/2022
Start: 1:45 pm End: 3:20 pm
Partly cloudy mid 30s to 40s
Upon entry of the trailhead, it became much nosier than I was expecting. There was multiple White-breasted Nuthatch calling back and forth and a drumming far off by some sort of woodpecker. The first sighting I actually had was a male Black-capped Chickadee near the cliffside at rock point, the Chickadee moved from small tree to tree with only a few flutters. It would jump from perch to perch, I would assume that a high level of maneuverability and control in order to fly that close to branches and dense forests. I would contrast this to another bird I saw for a short time down from the cliff flying just above the surface of the water. This bird was moving too quickly for me to identify but it had angular wings that would assist in speed and creation of thrust rather than lift.
Further down the trail near the cliff with the railing and lookout to the water, to the left of the 'rock' (if one is on land), I heard some calls that sounded a bit like an out-of-range walkie talkie. In the water there was 5 ducks, two with a black back and white underside and the others more of a brown and gray. At first there was just the four, excluding one of the brownish ducks, they regrouped and the fifth one made its way over. due to some chasing off between the black and white individuals I came to the conclusion that they were males, and the others were females, this was confirmed later when I IDed the birds as Common Mergansers. The majority of their movement was together, but they would occasionally separate and spread out, calls every so often, before I left, I saw some dives into the water to fish and a third male join the group.

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