Calvert County (MD) Dragonflies and Damselflies: Part Two – Current County Status in iNaturalist (data as of January, 2020)

The Calvert County total number of species and observations for dragonflies in iNaturalist currently stands at 26 and 328, respectively.
County damselflies are only 7 species from 76 observations.

How does these numbers compare to our other surrounding counties?
For the two Southern Maryland counties:
St. Mary’s County dragonflies - 17 species/49 observations; damselflies - 5 species/12 observations
Charles County dragonflies - 30 species/166 observations, damselflies - 9 species/23 observations
And to our north:
Anne Arundel County dragonflies – 45 species/1, 099 observations; damselflies - 27 species/286 observations

The Anne Arundel County data in particular would appear to offer the possibility that quite a few more species are waiting to be added to the iNat county database. To date, there have been a total of 68 naturalists inputting data for dragonflies and damselflies, but only seven observers have provided 10 or more observations. A new iNaturalist project for dragonflies and damselflies of Calvert County has recently (04 November 2019) been created by Karyn Molines, Chief of the Calvert County Natural Resources Division. Maybe this will inspire some others to take a closer look at these most interesting insects and input their own observations.

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