29 de enero de 2022

Moths Requiring Dissection for ID on BAMONA

This journal post is to remind myself which moths require dissection for positive ID on BAMONA, based on my regional coordinator's comments. By making this list, I won't submit them again in subsequent years.

Amydria effrentella
Cochylichroa hoffmanana
Datana spp.
Donacaula spp.
Euchlaena muzaria, E. marginaria
Oegoconia novimundi
Retinia spp.
Symmerista spp.
Syngrapha abstrusa, S. alias, S. cryptica, and S. rectangula
Xanthotype (as expected!)
Acleris spp (unless mothvet or Jason Dombroskie has verified on iNat.)

Desmia - need to see ventral patterning
Spilosoma congrua - need to see abdomen

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