14 de octubre de 2021

Dryad's Saddle

This mushroom is a fungus that grows on hardwood trees (both living and dead). When found on a living tree, the mushroom acts as a parasite as it rots the wood of the tree. When found on a dead tree, the mushroom just acts as a decomposer. This mushroom has a very unique structure - it is quite large and is often overlapping with other mushrooms of the same kind. The pores on the mushroom are quite big and spores are also produced which can be dispersed through air.

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22 de septiembre de 2021

Journal Entry on Observations

You can see that some of these species that I have observed (not the insects or animals aka the snail or salamander) have adapted to photosynthesise using minimal light because of the tall trees blocking the sunlight at Mount Royal. Additionally, the (surrounding) leaves have all adapted to contain chlorophyll in them. This makes them have this green colour.

One unique adaptation of fern is the fact that rhizome is present in it. The rhizome helps influence frond growth. Frond are the leaf-like structures in fern so it is what gives fern its unique structure.

The phylogeny placement of burdocks (arctium minus) is placed next to arctium maassii which, after looking at photos, seems to be a different type of burdocks. Just a little bit farther we can see lappa neumannii, arctium leiobardanum, and arctium medians. These (again after looking at photos) seem to be white/purple variations of burdocks.

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