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22 de marzo de 2017

Oncosiphon invasion

While waiting for the rest of our crew Sunday the 19th, I posted a few observations along the Flume trail in Cave Creek Regional Park. We then proceeded to wade through vast fields of stinknet (Oncosiphon piluliferum) and Mediterranean grass (Schismus barbatus), neither native.

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Asclepias hunt

After spending most of the last three weeks in the position on my profile page, and learning of a good addition to the kneepads - padded bicycle gloves for the hands (thanks, @mtluczek!) - I had a rare day off on the 17th. Both the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy Field Institute and the Desert Botanical Garden's Seeds of Success programs are actively looking for populations of Asclepias. I searched SEINet for locations on the nearby Tonto National Forest. There were a few, and unfortunately they didn't pan out. But I made the best of things by collecting a few odd specimens and making plenty of observations.

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01 de marzo de 2017

Good rains

Another nice Pacific storm passed through last night and this morning. 1.55 inches of the good stuff. Evening photos.

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02 de marzo de 2017

Scottsdale Community College campus

I had a pair of meetings today at Scottsdale Community College and spent the time between adding some observations from around the campus. Most were landscape plants, but a couple were volunteers.

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03 de marzo de 2017

Field work in the northern preserve

I spent the day with a dedicated group of staff and stewards monitoring a restoration study addressing the many now-closed wildcat trails created in the past by motorcyclists. Most of my time today was spent in the position seen in my profile photo. Thanks to sufficient rains we are seeing quite a lot of seedlings. But thanks also to the accompanying cool weather, the seedlings are not far advanced. So the study has been postponed for two weeks to allow the plants to mature.

On the way in I was toting a handful of transect frames. But on the way out I was relieved of that duty and snapped a few quick observations.

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