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I'm easily distracted by plants... Even when I'm looking for moths or butterflies or cricket-relatives or rocks. I'm an independent botanist outside of Seattle, currently working on perennial Cardamine, among other pet projects.

I'm years behind on uploading to Flickr, and even farther behind on curating my photos there, so bear with me as I get up to speed (and find my missing memory cards...).

Some important notes: most of my photos from Flickr show multiple species, and when fully curated there, list the multiple obvious ones in the description. I am not always dogged enough to add the photo as all these different taxa on iNat.

I am often deliberately vague about text location descriptions on Flickr. Georeferences I use here are precise to the best of my ability.

I also have not entered which of my tracheophyte observations are vouchered by herbarium specimens, and where those are deposited. Sorry, fellow researchers.

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