Evan Centanni

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Self-taught amateur naturalist mostly focused on animal life, especially vertebrates, but interested in learning about all life forms. I'm from Oregon in the US, but have also spent many years in Taiwan and a few in other countries.

I've done a small amount of field assistant work with mammals in Asia and volunteer bird banding in North America, but for the most part I'm just a person who enjoys going outdoors on my free time, observing and documenting what I see, and then going to the library to learn how to identify it.

I'm a big-time birder, but I put those observations on eBird and mostly use iNat for things I can photograph without specialized equipment, as well as most other vertebrate sightings even if I don't have photos. In addition to birds, mammals, and herps, I have a little bit of experience IDing crustaceans and gastropods in Taiwan, as well as Indo-Pacific and especially Caribbean reef fish (I submit volunteer fish surveys to REEF.org, and photos I take in the process should eventually end up here).

A lot of my photo-less observations are just waiting for photos that I need to upload from my camera.

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