Ben Keen

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Hello from Bowen Island, BC!

For the last few years I've been exclusively a birder, but I began to feel increasingly myopic focusing solely on the birds and passing over all the other extraordinary forms of life around me. Life is just too short to be a 1% naturalist.

At the moment I'm trying to observe as much as I can to get a better general understanding of our natural world, but in time I expect to start to focus on areas that interest me the most - I already find myself gravitating towards lepidoptera (moths in particular), caddisfly and fungi.

I'm a software developer by trade, so in the past have mixed my interests. Many years before eBird improved their website, I created to create a simpler way to view the totality of birds being spotted currently in a region - I still find it very useful today (especially when traveling!). Once I'm done with some other projects I'm going to look into contributing code back to iNaturalist itself.


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