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I'm 15 years old from Chicago, IL and I've been birding since 2016. Birds, Salamanders, Snakes and Saturniidae Moths are my main interests and specialties, but everything else follows close behind.

From age two, I've been interested in nature. 13 years ago, I sat down on the couch and turned the TV on to a NOVA documentary about cuttlefish. Later that day I was at the library asking the librarians if they had any books on cuttlefish. For the next decade, I would morph my passion into cephalopods, then all things prehistoric. My favorite animal for more than 10 years was the Peregrine Falcon, and in 2016 when I saw a Peregrine Falcon, I couldn't resist the urge to pull out the old Sibley Guide and flip through it. A few weeks later I was in Colorado with my grandpa out birding.

If you need help with an ID of a Bird, Butterfly, Salamander or Snake in the US, tag me and I can help out. Also, if I make an ID that is incorrect, feel free to let me know.

My long term goal for iNat is to see 15,000 species of living things. My goal for 2021 is to be at about 20% of 15,000.

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