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"On August 1st, 1995, a sudden awakening experience changed the course of my life," says Brother Oran. "I had quickly fallen into a type of darkness that was consuming my young mind. It felt like death and nihilism—today I would call it depression. This flash of understanding illuminated everything in an instant—the grim reaper wasn't extinguished—it was my perspective on the nature of life and death that had suddenly changed."

"I have been on a twenty-five-year spiritual expedition inside myself in an attempt to understand what happened that August day," Oran explains. "As a seeker, I enthusiastically consumed religious teachings and assimilated many practices into my own life. I have drenched myself in the works of philosophers, poets, scientists, sages, and aboriginal peoples—this continues today. Like many, I have experienced loss, grace, hardship, and blessings, and on the other side of these, I have come to believe awakening and union to divinity is the end state of all beings. I accept this fully. It binds us to each other and to the rest of the created universe, which can be most readily experienced right here on this planet. This is why I adopted the moniker 'Brother.' I am a child of Creation—we all have that lineage—and by my logic that makes me a sibling, a brother to other beings."

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