Cecil Smith

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I'm an entomology student at Penn State University, just finishing up my undergraduate degree for now. I have an interest in insects with specialized host interactions- like gallers, leafminers, and parasitoids- as well as a general affinity for the understudied and underappreciated, and an interest in the complex ecological web that makes up the entire world. Currently, I am working with @lousinastasi on a project looking at the parasitoids of herb gall wasps on Silphium plants- particularly, describing the various Eurytoma species.

I helped develop a Pocket Field Guide to Common Leafminer Species in PA, which should be applicable throughout much of northeastern North America as well: https://scholarsphere.psu.edu/resources/e3be10f1-93ac-49fc-9b0d-9cf5dfcd82ea

I'm always looking to learn more about identifying all kinds of insects, as well as just about anything else that catches my attention. I've accumulated a lot of general knowledge in the few years since I joined iNaturalist, but there's always infinitely more to learn! Feel free to correct any mistaken IDs or ask me about it if an ID looks off :-)

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