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Freelance botanist, lecturer, educator, photographer, leader of 24 expeditions to the Himalaya, anachronism & genuine conservationist; his hard-won expertise on the flora of the NW Himalaya & borderlands of Western Tibet is unrivalled. He also has a long-standing interest in Himalayan species utilised in Tibetan Medicine. Chris cares deeply about the flora, environment and peoples of the Himalaya.

He has been visiting the Himalaya over a period of 40 years, starting with leading a botanical project surveying the vegetation of the Suru Valley, as part of the University of Southampton Ladakh Expedition 1980. American Ralph Stewart was awarded his doctorate from Columbia University a century ago on 'The Flora of Ladakh' (then known as 'Western Tibet'); Chris visited Stewart in 1983 at a Retirement Home for Presbyterian Missionaries, California, receiving his final, 'Annotated Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Pakistan & Kashmir', which has proven invaluable for his studies.

He recently began an Illustrated 'Annotated Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Ladakh'. Serious health problems has slowed him down considerably. He has been working on illustrated guides to the floras of Lahaul (borderlands of Western Tibet); Kulu Valley (NW Himalaya); Mountains of Kashmir.

Chris co-founded the Himalayan Plant Association in 1990, having been editor of a heavily illustrated digital journal three times a year, for the past decade. Specialising in the NW Himalaya, he has knowledge of the plants of much of the rest of the region.

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