Diego Almendras

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Molluscs, fishes, shore/seabirds and coastal plants have all my attention! Science communicator and marine biologist, and just two drinks away from being interdisciplinary. Interested in organisms from Chile, Brazil and Perú.


I'm running a project of science zine in Spanish www.zinerd.org, want to collaborate? print and share these zine or create one to share it with others. Feel free to message me for more info.

And sometimes I blog here https://todropscience.tumblr.com (where I practice my English)

My images and sounds are by default under all rights reserved. If you would like to seek use of one for a purpose that may be considered commercial, please feel free to reach out to me. If you're a scientist, conservation entity, museum, or similar, then odds are I will freely grant it to you.

Mis imágenes y sonidos están por defecto bajo todos los derechos reservados. Si usted es un científicx, una entidad de conservación, un museo o similar, lo más probable es que se lo otorgue libremente, en caso de que busque el uso de uno con fines comerciales, comuníquese conmigo.

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