Elliott Gordon

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Lifelong amateur ornithologist from Austin, Texas and now in New Mexico. If you want help with an observation or an explanation of an ID, please tag me and ask. When you notice a mistake, please tag me and I will fix it.

Volunteer with Friends of Valle de Oro NWR to promote gardening for wildlife in central New Mexico.

Tribe Cheloneae has become my unofficial specialty on iNat. For Penstemon, please check out my journal posts. I also help with Heliodinidae and moths of Southwestern USA, native bees, gall flies/midges/wasps, and native plants of the four corners region, such as:

  • Chamaesaracha
  • Mirabilis
  • Phacelia
  • Rosaceae: Amelanchier, Cercocarpus, and Fallugia
  • Sphaeralcea

Contributor at https://pollinatorweb.com, a resource for gardeners in Arizona and New Mexico. I use iNaturalist to track garden visitors and inhabitants. Sunflowers are one of our favorites. Here are a couple blog posts featuring my garden:

Profile picture: Xanthisma spinulosum seedling
Instagram: @elliottgordon2
Reddit: u/Pollinator-Web

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