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An avid amateur Paleontologist/Malacologist/Marine Biologist/Marine ecologist in West Auckland, New Zealand.
Learning about molluscs and other invertebrates is now as important as my life for me.

I would like to thank all Inaturalist users for uploading mollusc observations which are enabling us to understand their diversity and variation!

In these days I am working on IDs of worldwide mollusks to increase reliability on those observations and correct mistakes.
This does not mean that my IDs are proven 100% correct, however I am always trying to keep them accurate and precise.

・Reason of why I am adding many ID's to old observations, even if they are already identified and being "research grade"
On Inaturalist, it is not uncommon to see mistake identifications and some mistake agreeing ID's. It happens often when someone who is not confident with a taxa agrees with previous ID's without being sure that it is the only species it could be (by just assuming that previous ID is correct, for example)
Because these mistakes can not be eliminated, I go though these old observations and agreeing for correct ones, suggesting a new ID for the ones I find incorrect.
Please be aware of that I only add IDs when I am fairly sure that it is correct with evidence.

Although I sometimes add tentative IDs with some note, it is a rare case.

Personal profile:
I am a 14 years old student living in New Lynn, and I have lived in Japan for 12 years until I came to New Zealand where I currently live. I can communicate in English or Japanese.

I have been extremely interested in paleontology since I was 5 years old, and my interest extended to malacology, which is the study of recent and fossil molluscs (a group of animal including snails, bivalves and octopuses).
I am also interested in general Zoology (Echinodermology etc) and Botany, Mineralogy and Geology.

I love exploring intertidal habitats at low tide, or just simply walking beaches, to find Molluscs and other obscured marine organisms.

All rights reserved
All photographs were taken and edited only by me. If someone would like to use my photographs for any purposes, please send me a message before using.

Taxon Changes
As a curator, I update Inaturalist's database to the newest taxonomic tree, based on Molluscabase. Feel free to mention me if any taxon changes of molluscs are needed.

・ I mainly post uncommon or interesting species which is not commonly observed by other observers, instead of common species which can be observed by anyone.
Please be aware about it when you see my observations. It means there is no proportional between the rarity of the species and the number of my observations of species. (For example, I might have only one observation of a species which is very common and very easy to find, even though I have multiple observation of a very rare species)

・Feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes in English as it is my second language :)

What I identify on Inat :
・Any land/marine Molluscs observed within New Zealand and Japan
・ Worldwide marine molluscs, especially gastropoda
・Other invertebrates especially that of from NZ
It can be very challenging for me to identify foreign land snails but I always try my best as much as my priorities.

Feel free to mention(@) me for any help, or if you disagree with my ID. I like having discussion for IDs, so please do if you have different opinions.

Some of my simple background photos:

Wellington Shell Club (New Zealand)
NPO Network for Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Natural History (Japan)

An article about deep water fauna and environment of a formation formed in middle Pleistocene(Chibanian) I have co-authored in 2017
(I was in charge of collecting, preserving, identifying of deep-water mollusc fossils from the formation):


前 朝琉 (14 歳)という者です。貝類学・軟体動物学・古生物学・鉱物学などにとても興味があり、また科学全体に興味があります。静岡県出身で、今はニュージーランドのオークランドに住んでいます。

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