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/!\ If I ID'd your Oxalis observation and I put "Section Corniculatae" it's because all North American Oxalis with yellow flowers and aboveground stems belong to that section. It's probably one of a small number of very numerous species, particularly Oxalis corniculata, Oxalis stricta or Oxalis dillenii. Depending on the level of detail, it may or may not be possible to tell which one. I'm trying to help sort through the massive backlog of genus-level "Oxalis" observations in North America, so at this point I am not trying to make those distinctions, but hopefully that will make it easier for someone to do so in the future.

Hello - I live in Baltimore and mainly take pictures of uncultivated plants in the streets. A tiny bit of birds & insects too.

All my photos are public domain (because they're not very good!).

If you're interested in the plants of Baltimore in particular, check out the project portal Spontaneous Flora of Baltimore: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/spontaneous-flora-of-baltimore

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