John Boldt

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I am motivated in conservation and restoration of Chicagoland's native ecosystems partly due to my childhood spent outdoors, my education attained for my biology degree, and knowledge of local and large scale history and how it impacts us on varying levels. But most of all, I am motivated by my faith as a Christian to tend and care for creation, just as God commanded us to. Looking back in time, collectively speaking, humanity has done quite a terrible job at that, now haven't we? I have about 5 years of experience in volunteering in the Cook County forest preserves doing restoration as well as 1 year spent working for them and Audubon as a restoration crew member all throughout the county. I am trained in plant ID, chainsaw/brushcutter use, brushpile burning, prescription burning, and herbicide use. Now I am working for the Northbrook Park District hoping to implant some of my skills there...

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