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For iNat, I make observations for plants, fungi, arthropods, and birds, and I am focusing on learning how to ID dicots at the moment. INat makes a great excuse to get outside and rediscover life, near and far.

I've been interested in plants since young. I grew up in the American South and was struck with wonder by the upland forests, meadows, and balds of the Piedmont and Appalachia. The live oak forests on barrier islands and seemingly endless grasslands under long-leaf pines inspired awe as well.

Nowadays, I'm a southern expat in the American Midwest, and I mostly get outside to learn about the flora and fauna of Northern Illinois. I am very interested in learning more about the history of this region's landscapes and their inhabitants, and I think a lot about their future. I volunteer on ecosystem restoration projects in the Forest Preserves of Cook County and am finishing my internship as an Illinois Master Naturalist.

I'm interested in native plants, urban nature, plant migration/climate change, paleobiogeography, restoration, rewilding, and biodiversity conservation.

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