jade fortnash

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im not a millipede expert i just was trying to fix some local identification problems sorry!!

welcome to @'s and messages, if you need clarification, think ive made an incorrect ID, need some help, whatever! im happy to help as much as i can :)

im jade, a wannabe entomologist

im gradually pursuing florida master naturalist classes

i mostly like bugs and birds

do not be fooled by my ID stats - im by no means a millipede expert, just doing my best to clean up frequently mis-identified species

that said, i do keep millipedes and isopods :) my favorites are my narceus gordanus, theyre just so delightfully chunky. im also currently trying to produce a steady orange venezillo parvus colony

i often sort unidentified things as something obvious (like "birds" or "butterflies") so that it can be found by people who can help better than me

heres my youtube channel, which i generally use just to provide video for my observations

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