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My college major was music, but biology was a close second choice. So, I convinced my advisor that I was a music major who should also take botany and zoology. As an educator for 35 years, I primarily taught music, but also had opportunities to teach science classes and to be involved in outdoor education programs. I especially enjoyed teaching students about taxonomy and biodiversity, encouraging students as young as 4th grade to start their life lists. I'm a huge fan of national, state, and local parks, where I enjoy hiking, photography, and observing the natural world. I'm fascinated by every type of living thing, but I'm especially interested in animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects, particularly butterflies and dragonflies. I love being the "nature nut" that friends and family contact when they encounter an unusual bird or bug and send me a photo asking, "What is this?"

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