Nate Scheerer

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Amateur botanist/ecologist, huge fan of spring ephemerals, Cyperaceae, Fabaceae, and Ranunculaceae. Trying to get into fungi and. Sometimes I post videos detailing plants I come across on my hikes, check that out if you'd like:

My conservation work (please don't call it that) is/was heavily inspired by three other incredible botanists and a rad coworker. Coworker's an awesome botanist too. But I don't think he's as active on INat. You should follow two of them on Here. Both of them have Youtube channels. One's definitely named Tony though. Fits with the accent and the attitude to a T.

  • The other one is on Youtube as "Botany and beer". If you live in the Chicago region (affectionately called the bubble), and you're into ecology, you might've heard his name too. He's a bit less vulgar than Tony. Show this one to your folks. Watch Tony for yourself.

Cool. That's all I can teach you from here. Now go look for some cool shit and take pictures and look for anything you can.

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