Patricia Simpson

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Vegetation Technician at Cabrillo National Monument where I run the greenhouse. We do everything from collecting seeds and growing the plants, to putting them back in the ground for habitat rehabilitation. Head volunteer for the citizen science bee project which aims to catalogue native bees and flowering plants in sections of the park from March to September (study supervised by Keng-Lou James Hung).

First record of San Clemente endemic bee, Anthophora urbana clementina, on mainland:

Volunteer at Mission Trails Regional Park: Trail Guide, writer of iNat observation of the month for Trail Guide Newsletter and Tierrasanta Times, based on observations included in Mission Trails Regional Park Biodiversity project.
Past volunteer and staff with Project Wildlife (Humane Society program) Squirrel Team and Songbird Team specializing in pre-release rehabilitation of insectivorous birds and other specialty birds for 9 years.
My focus at the moment is on habitat restoration and terrestrial inverts that are little known.

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