Pete McGregor

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I've loved strange and wild things and strange and wild places for as long as I can remember. During my undergraduate and doctoral degrees I maintained a collection of preserved insects but now have no urge to kill the things that fascinate me; instead, I'm more likely to photograph them and sometimes write about them. In fact, writing and photographing are probably my main compulsions.

I used to work for Landcare Research, where I eventually ended up as Team Leader for what was then called the Applied Terrestrial Ecology team. I jumped ship in 2004 and have travelled extensively since then, including in some strange and wild places. This confirmed my delight in those kinds of places and their inhabitants. I now tutor for Massey University's School of People, Environment, and Planning. I currently live in the Pohangina Valley on the western side of the southern Ruahine Range and returned in late January 2020 from a fourth journey in India and Nepal.

I blog occasionally at Pohanginapete and, until 2018, produced the photoblog The Ruins of the Moment. You can now follow my photos mainly on my Instagram account.

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