Khama III Memorial Museum in Serowe

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The Khama III Memorial Museum preserves and displays the history and culture of people living in Gangwato.

Though there is no Natural History section, the curatorial staff have a strong interest in collecting information about the traditional uses of plants and animals and their names in the diverse languages of the Serowe area.

The museum staff are committed to introducing iNaturalist as a fun, educational and fascinating activity to the residents of Central District, learners in schools and colleges, teachers, the Scouting Movement and getting our community involved and very active in the City Nature Challenge 2022 and the Great Southern Bioblitz.

There is an iNaturalist project to record the fauna and flora and fungi residing in the museum garden.

Please visit our cultural museum in Serowe and take a look at our website to learn much more about the people and history of Serowe and GaNgwato.

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