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I watch whatever I can find, and whatever I see is what I came for.
Growing up, our family had all kinds of pets. My sister & I spent time exploring the woods and creek behind our street with friends, and with parental 'encouragement'. (If we sat in front of the TV, Mom would say 'get out of the house!', lol. ) We were in our local zoo's educational club, and raised small wild animals for release. Neighbors brought their kids over as if we were a zoo. When I studied engineering I thought of helping nature. Then, 'life happened', as they say. My work did make contributions, just not focused on nature. A trip to Alaska in 2009 reawakened my interest in wildlife. Digital cameras and the internet make watching nature outright addictive. It's opened my eyes to how shockingly many non-native species are firmly established here. I hope to contribute to the record of what is here now, since our world is ever changing.

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