Zack Abbey

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I am a wildlife biologist, working primarily in Ventura, Santa Barbara and SLO Counties. My work affords me access to some unique areas and species along the Central and South coast.

I enjoy using iNat to see what people are finding, share what I encounter, confirm/deny what I think I've seen, and to help keep sharp and expand my ID skills. Any help I can provide I'm glad to give, and I'm always glad to receive help from those more knowledgeable. Every time I log in I am amazed at how the community is growing and who is on here! I am fairly knowledgeable on certain species and genera, mainly the ones that I work with frequently or seek out intentionally. By no means am I an expert on any taxa, I know just enough to be dangerous with my presumptive IDs, so please if you feel or know my IDs to be incorrect please tell me.

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