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First of all, I would personally like to say thank you to everyone, and I mean everyone, who has joined this project. Without your dedication and observations, this project would still be very small and we wouldn't be able to see half of the reptiles and amphibians everyday people like you and I find in our daily lives. I would also like to say thank you to biohexx1! You have been posting some great journal entries on this project that I find very fascinating! It sure beats that Salamander post I had running for almost two years hehe. I'd also like to thank biohexx1 for scouting out observations from people who haven't joined this project, so we are able to see more of the rare reptiles and amphibians of our beautiful state. Again guys, I thank you all for joining and continuously contributing to my project. You all deserve a round of applause in my book and I cannot wait to see all of your future finds! Until next time, happy herping! :-)


Anotado por dominic dominic, mayo 23, martes 05:08



Yes! People have made some incredible finds! I always look forward to seeing what observations are made and learning from the experienced and amateur herpetologists out there!

Anotado por biohexx1 hace cerca de 3 años (Advertencia)

At 189 species, how many more can we find?!

Anotado por biohexx1 hace cerca de 3 años (Advertencia)

I'm not even sure about the answer lol.

Anotado por dominic hace cerca de 3 años (Advertencia)

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