ID party at Nat Geo on Feb 28

Want to meet local iNaturalist enthusiasts and learn more about identifications on iNaturalist? Come help us identify last year's observations from the City Nature Challenge! We'll meet in the cafeteria at National Geographic. Pizza provided! Bring a laptop and any field guides you want to reference.

Thursday, February 28
5:30-8 PM
Register here:

National Geographic
1610 M St NW
Washington DC 20036

Enter via the courtyard from M Street. From the courtyard, enter the building on the left, then inside turn left to the cafeteria.

5:30-6 Arrival & check in
6-6:15 Welcome & tips for identifying on iNaturalist
6:15-7:30 Identifying observations!
7:30-7:45 Check in on progress, sharing of learning
7:45-8 More identifications, goodbyes

Please contact if you have any questions about the event.

If you're local, don't forget to join the 2019 City Nature Challenge project for our area to get the great updates posted by @dbarber.

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Also, if anyone has an iphone 6/6S, I'd be happy to give you my awesome Revolver lens and case (like this I'll have iNaturalist stickers to give away too!

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Tagging some top observers from CNC 2018 in case you're interested in joining the ID party at Nat Geo on Feb 28.

@jacobogre @rock_flipper @ashley_bradford @lisam @jmgconsult @capitalnaturalist @botanygirl @calopteryx @rhondaridley @elizabeth1951 @mbalance @tomarata @peggyo @bethkiser @karyn-nrd @noreenth @otorres @stephanieoberle @mmn_noriko

Also, I noticed @margaretchatham has been doing an amazing job going through last year's observations recently. Thanks, Margaret!

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Will you be at the Friday orientation meeting? I'd love to have your Revolver lens and stickers.

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--Meant to add, that I can't make 2/28 because I'm doing an orientation/training a with the Chesapeake Beach Green Team. Karyn

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Yes, I'll be there on Friday for the CNC planning meeting! I can save it for you @karyn-nrd.

Update: We've got 27 people registered for Thursday's event, and it looks like lots of them are new to iNat, so if any of you more experienced folks want to come, it will help to spread the knowledge! @jacobogre @rock_flipper @ashley_bradford @lisam @jmgconsult @capitalnaturalist @botanygirl @calopteryx @rhondaridley @elizabeth1951 @tomarata @peggyo @bethkiser @karyn-nrd @noreenth @otorres @stephanieoberle @mmn_noriko

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Thanks Carrie, I can join Thursday evening - will register now.

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Great, thanks @bethkiser! I look forward to meeting you!

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