California whiptail — A sleek addition to Aurantia Park.

Living in the desert habitat of the Inland Empire, you can see quite array of wildlife in the air and on the ground.

Highland is no exception.

In the air, during Spring, you will see raptors, scavengers, song birds and other avian beauties.

On the ground, where critters scurry and slither about, you are bound to see a wide selection of terrestrial creatures, as well.

If you have ever visited Aurantia Park, on Greenspot Road, you might have spotted a California Whiptail (cnemidophorus) and thought it was a small snake.

The California whiptail is a beautiful fast-moving lizard. It has a sleek slender design. Some have spots, and others have stripes. There are some whiptails that sport both.

California whiptails can be seen and heard rustling in dense vegetation, near the rocks, by the parking spaces of the park.

The California Whiptail is a diurnal creature, that means, it is active during the day.

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