Data and Statistics – You must know your data in order to understand the statistics!

Here are interesting iNat statistics related to observations of crabs from around Nova Scotia as of 2020-02-11. There were 470 observations; 8 species; 75 identifiers; 177 observers.

The number of observations of the various species were as follows: European green crab 223; Atlantic rock crab 137; Jonah crab 59; Atlantic blue crab 9; Lady crab 3; Atlantic lyre crab 3; Portly spider crab 1; Snow crab 1.

Perhaps keep in mind when viewing stats that the high counts of one species or observations from one specific area may be related to data quests and not necessarily reflect true species distribution.

iNaturalist is an excellent way to share observations of invasive species and we would like to encourage everyone who is out exploring our coastal areas and/or in or on the water to share their observations. But remember to also share observations of the common species not just the exotic/unusual/rare!

To view the collection of crabs observed around Nova Scotia currently posted in iNaturalist click here

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Are the majority of the observations being posted by beach walkers as opposed to people out on the water? When posting observations of critters that are obviously dead please remember to add the new annotation 'dead/alive'.

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