The official count: 40,396 observations!

If you've also created a profile on, you'll be receiving an email soon with an overview of the snapshot results. Stay tuned for more details here from me later, but for the time being you can visit these two links to learn more:

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions! We hope you'll be inspired to continue.

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Anotado por cesarpollo5 hace mas de 8 años

Thank you! I began to add commentory to fotos of mountain tundra!

Anotado por eugene_dv_field hace mas de 8 años

That's great, Eugene! I am very excited to see more observations from Siberia! If you're interested in helping translate iNaturalist into Russian once you get the hang of how it works, check here!

Anotado por carrieseltzer hace mas de 8 años

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