15 hours and counting in my part of the world :-D

Greetings Fellow Bioblitzers,
I trust all is good in your part of the globe. Where I am in Trinidad and Tobago today is hot and sunny with the occasional shower. I hope for some showers to bring out more molluscs, fungi and some beetles tomorrow.

It's countdown time to our 10th SDB event and as nighttime/dawn draws in certain regions let us all make this the best in observations, identifications and a TRULY GLOBAL effort.

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Well, here just at the north 45th parallel, it snowed yesterday. It will be below freezing at breakfast and won't creep more than 10 degrees above that all day. So the options for observations will be a bit sparse. There will be birds at the feeder out the back window and I'll have to see how much I want to venture any further afield.

For those in warmer climes... have a great day! :-)

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@mmmiller we would still appreciate any of your bird observations. Keep warm and be safe.

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